videos/links for drills and tips

Below you will find videos and articles that will improve your game. Have fun.

This link shows the proper place and way to shoot behind the back (Stephen Berger video)

This link show the proper way to make a SWIM MOVE

Other instructional lax videos including stringing tutorial 

Casey Powell Tips -Stick Handling






Stick Maintenance: Players you need to constantly check the condition of your stick. Factory strung lacrosse sticks constantly have the shooting strings come untied and then loosen up effecting your throwing and shooting. Usually just retying the knot will correct the problem. If not please bring it to the coach’s attention before practice.

Face Off Videos

Paul Cantabene Face-off Instructional (Part 1)

Face-off Instructional with Paul Cantabene (Part 2)

Kyle Harrison’s Faceoff Techniques

Casey Powell Behind the Scenes with a Brine Clutch

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