Spring 2015 registration is now opened. Please go to registration page to register.

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  1. My daughter who is in 7th grade is interested in doing the clinic on Saturdays. Is it at Stratford Road with the boys? Who is the coach? Is there a team for 7th grade girls? Hope to hear from your soon. Thanks.


    Jodi Rosen

    • Hi Jodi, The girls clinic will be at Stratford Rd. However they will be separate from the boys

  2. Jodi,
    The fall clinic will be to help build skills for all the girls. There is a league for 7th and 8th graders in the spring and possibly winter indoor if there is interest.

  3. Is it too late to sign up my daughter for the fall clinics. Originally I thought Saturday clinics would interfere with religon but she now has religon during the week. She is a 6th grader and plays spring lacrosse and could really benefit from the clinic. Let me know if there is room, how much and what time. Thanks, Dawn Lomelo

    • Hi Dawn, It is not too late. You can register your daughter next Saturday at the clinic. Please send her sweatshirt size to Tim Engel

  4. Hi- Is there a program, either league or clinic for my 6th grade daughter this fall?

    • Yes there will be a clinic for your daughter this Fall. More information will be provided shortly.

  5. My daughter is in 4th grade and would love to play lacrosse during the spring season. Is there anyway I could register her now?

  6. my daughter is 7 , however played last year in copiague league , will she be able to play in your league, hate to see her loose a year of training thanks Bob

    • Sorry registration for the Spring is closed

  7. Hi my daughter is going to 7th grade
    And she wants to join
    Not sure who to contact

    • Information regarding any fall or winter lacrosse will be sent out by email through the POB Athletics newsletter.

      • Can she join for the summer

      • All Summer Lacrosse programs for this year are over.

  8. Hello, my daughter is 7 and would like to play lacrosse (she has never played before). Is there a league in the Fall or a clinic she could go attend? Any info. is appreciated. Thank you, Marcia

    • Nothing is planned for the Fall as of right now. Spring 2016 registration should start in December.

  9. Are there any programs for 3rd grade girls with no lacrosse experience? When do they have it?

    • No experience needed. Season starts in March. Registration for 2016 will open beginning of December.

  10. Hi, would the same apply for 2nd grader?

    • Yes.

    • Yes

  11. 3rd grade girls included???

    • Absolutely!!!

  12. Is lax only in the spring?

    • Yes

  13. Do you have boys lacrosse? My son is 8 and wants to learn the game as does my 10 year old daughter. How much for lacrosse? When do I sign them up? How do I sign them up?

    • Yes boys and girls teams. Season is in the Spring registration will start in December.

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