This is where it all started in February of 2011!!!!

Plainview-Old Bethpage youth and school sports are in dire need of a lighted multi-use synthetic turf field

Welcome to the synthetic turf field campaign page for Plainview-Old Bethpage. We are sending the message attached to our local government representatives. To make your voice heard, please fill out this turf field form and mail and/or email the letter in your name to any or all of the local representatives listed below.

Update: 9/12/2011

This was just posted by Rebecca Alesia on the POB turf field campaign facebook site administered by Hawks Youth Lacrosse!!!

Rebecca Libert Alesia

Councilwoman Alesia, Supervisor Venditto and the entire Town Board are working cooperatively with the Plainview Old Bethpage School District with a view toward bringing a state of the art sports complex to the Plainview area, with the centerpiece being a multi-purpose turf field.The Town and School District are currently reviewing possible locations to find the most suitable site, and finalizing… cost estimates. The District and Town hope to partner and leverage their monies to make it a cost-effective project.Details of the partnership and whether the District would have to utilize a voter referendum are still being worked out. The parties hope to finalize all the details over the fall with a view toward construction beginning the summer of 2012 and the complex opening September 2012.

Councilwoman Rebecca M. Alesia (Plainview resident) RAlesia@oysterbay-ny.gov has been involved in this, so please send her an email supporting the Turf Field Camaign.

Town of Oyster Bay officials (All letters to be sent to 54 Audrey Ave., Oyster Bay, NY 11771)

Town Supervisor John Venditto, Councilman Joseph D. Muscarella, Councilman Anthony D. Macagnone, Councilman Chris J. Coschignano, Councilwoman Elizabeth A. Faughnan, Councilman Joseph G. Pinto, and Councilwoman Rebecca M. Alesia (Plainview resident) RAlesia@oysterbay-ny.gov

Why we need a synthetic turf field

Lets be honest the majority of the public and school playing fields in Plainview-Old Bethpage are in poor condition due to overuse, budget constraints and poor maintenance . Unlike almost every other hamlet in the Town of Oyster Bay, Plainview-Old Bethpage does not have a synthetic turf field.  Syosset? yes; Jericho? yes; Farmingdale? yes; Bethpage? yes; Massapequa? yes; Hicksville? yes; Plainedge? field under construction!  The residents of the Town of Oyster Bay including those of Plainview- Old Bethpage all  paid for these fields with their tax dollars, so why no turf field in Plainview? Why Not Us??? No cultivar, no maintenance practices, no peer to peer educational effort is going to make a whit of difference as to the condition of the current natural grass fields. The fields are too overused to allow turf grass to thrive. What synthetic turf fields/plastic grass offers is a field that can be used 24 hours a day(with lighting), seven days a week, at virtually no maintenance cost for approximately eight years before it needs to be replaced.

 Synthetic Fields Safety

In a recent study done by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, synthetic, crumb rubber fields were found to be safe. Here is a link to the study http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/54966.html . Here is a link to another study performed in Conn. http://www.personal.psu.edu/asm4/blogs/pennstateturf/2010/07/

The article above and the turf field campaign are exclusively the opinion of Hawks Lacrosse and are not the opinion of Nassau County PAL or Plainview-Old Bethpage PAL and should not be construed or considered as such

Update: A meeting was held in the beginning of May between the Town of Oyster Bay and Mr. Dempsey the School Superintendent and his staff. This was a preliminary meeting and was overall positive. More information will follow concerning a second meeting and/or a public meeting.


  1. Jeff,
    Thank you for launching this much needed campaign to get the families and athletes in Plainview a turf/lighted field. We are only asking for equity with our neighbors in the Town of Oyster Bay~ we pay the same taxes they pay~ where is OUR TURF FIELD? I hope our neighbors and friends in Plainview can come together on this issue and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Sitting back and whining about it has gotten us no where for too long ~ our elected politicians need to hear that the people in Plainview aren’t sitting back anymore!
    Let me know if you need any help~ Good luck, and my representative will be hearing from me TODAY! Go Hawks! Margaret Cameron

    • Thanks Margaret. This will only work if people make our politicians aware of the need.


  2. This campaign to get a multi-sport lighted turf field is well overdue. All the surrounding towns have some sort of turf field for their kids, it’s time that we get one too. So lets go Plainview and get the word out and lets make this happen. We pay just as much and in many cases more taxes than our surrounding neighbors and their getting all the facilities.
    Get the word out and lets go Hawks

    • Thanks Anthony, every letter or email sent brings us closer to making this happen.

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